THE EPOS TCS GNSS Data & Products provides data access and product access. The two portals each give access to data (products) through a distributed set of data (products) centres. EUREF Permanent GNSS Network (EPN) data and products are integrated as data nodes.

TCS Services

The GNSS Data & Products TCS provides three portals.

The first, M3G, is the central access point for operational centers to upload the log-files of their GNSS stations. The metadata inside these log files will be validated before it will be accepted as a new, or updated, EPOS GNSS station.

The second one is the GNSS Data Gateway where people can search for available GNSS data from all over Europe, including EUREF Permanent GNSS Network (EPN) data.

Finally, at the GNSS Product portal one can download derived GNSS products such as position time series, velocities and strain rate maps. The information at last two portals can also be accessed using RESTful API’s or through the central ICS (Integrated Core Services) website.

The link of the portals are:

M3G website
GNSS Data Gateway Portal
GNSS Product Portal