EPOS Thematic Core Service Anthropogenic Hazards aims to provide an environment and facilities for conducting research into anthropogenic hazards, especially related to the exploration and exploitation of geo-resources.

The key features will be:

  • Anthropogenic Hazards data and data products are grouped in episodes. These describe a geophysical process which is induced or triggered by human activity during exploration and/or exploitation of georesources and could be hazardous for people, infrastructure, and/or the environment.


  • A Flexible Computational Platform providing resources to allow:

1) design of problem-based workflows using a combination of the TCS online software library, and personal software and IT resources;

2) computationally demanding analysis through access to High Performance Computing Resources;

3) storage of data, data products and results of analysis in a personal workspace area;

4) visualisation of all types of TCS AH data, data products and analysis results.


  • Problem-oriented, bespoke applications to investigate links between technology, geophysical response and any resultant hazard.  Access to combinations of services for a variety of purposes, including:

• Multi-hazard simulator for multi-hazard/multi-risk assessment of the exploration and exploitation of geo-resources;

• Exploring the interaction between technology operations and seismic deformation;

• Geophysical data analysis;

• Quantitative probabilistic assessments of anthropogenic seismic hazards;

• Outreach, dissemination, and communication.


  • Collaborative platform for social interaction, including calls for projects, common workspace areas and communication tools.


TCS AH is a development of the IS-EPOS Platform for Anthropogenic Seismicity Research (, a result of the Polish national project "IS-EPOS: Digital Research Space for EPOS Purposes" co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund in 2013-2015. IS-EPOS Platform is a prototype of TCS AH. TCS AH is being developed by 14 European research institutions in the framework of the work package WP14 of EPOS IP.

WP Leader: Beat Orlecka-Sikora