TCS Multi-scale laboratories (WP16) final EPOS-IP meeting in Montpellier, June 2019

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Richard Wessels
WP16 coordinator,

Utrecht University, The Netherlands

The EPOS Newsletter issue 03
July 2019 | Highlight 03

EPOS TCS WP16 Multi-scale laboratories meeting participants (K. Elger)
Motto of the MSL meeting (B. Lightyear)
EPOS TCS WP16 Multi-scale laboratories meeting

Motto of the MSL meeting (B. Lightyear)

EPOS TCS WP16 Multi-scale laboratories meeting

The EPOS TCS WP16 Multi-scale laboratories (MSL) represents a community of European solid Earth sciences laboratories including high temperature and pressure experimental facilities, electron microscopy, micro-beam analysis, analogue tectonic and geodynamic modelling, paleomagnetism, and analytical laboratories.

Participants and collaborating laboratories from Utrecht University, GFZ-Potsdam, Roma TRE University, INGV, NERC-BGS, Portsmouth University, CSIC, UZ-IGME, CNRS, LMU, C4G-UBI, ETH, IGG-CNR, University of Bern, NIGGG-BAS, University of Tromsø, and the University of Turin are organized in the TCS MSL. The purpose of this last WP16 MSL meeting in the Implementation Phase was to reflect on the achievements of the previous years, discuss challenges and set new targets and goals for the upcoming Operational Phase, and to strengthen the EPOS MSL community.

A broad range of topics were covered at this meeting from June 12th - 14th, 2019, where 25 participants convened at the CNRS facility in Montpellier, France. The technical session, which wrapped around the 5th Consortium Board meeting on Thursday, started on Wednesday and was concluded on Friday, which included presentations on;

  • Introduction to WP16 MSL for new members
  • Updates on technical, financial, and legal matters
  • Progress and lessons learned from the ongoing third Trans-National Access call
  • Quality control and data publications
  • Status of the subdomains within MSL
  • Participation of MSL in the upcoming INFRAIA call
  • Challenges and goals for the MSL and its representation within EPOS in the Operational Phase

The presentations and meeting agenda can be found on the EPOS-IP MSL website, labelled "201906xx_title".

The main outcomes of the technical program were the decision on a strategy for participation to the INFRAIA-02-2020 call, updated TNA financial, evaluation, and advertisement model, requirements for the MSL TCS Catalog as an EPOS community portal, and progress in strengthening the different subdomains and the MSL community as a whole.

On Thursday evening the participants received a guided tour through the Analogue Modeling facilities at CNRS by our host, Stéphane Dominguez, after which the gathering continued to the infamous Bistrot Maison de la Lozère in the center of Montpellier to indulge in a well-deserved social dinner.