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EPOS TCS-ICS INTERACTION meeting at INGV in Rome (Italy), 4-6 June 2018

The EPOS IT experts and the ICS  developers meet in a 3 days technical meeting the EPOS TCS communities: the TCS Near Fault Observatories (WP9), the TCS Volcano observations (WP11) and the TCS Geomagnetic Observations (WP13).

2nd day @ the EPOS INFO-DAY in Ljubljana, 29-30 May 2018

The EPOS INFO-DAY event is dedicated to inform, engage and involve potential users and stakeholders of the EPOS infrastructure, involving the Eastern Adriatic Area countries.

The EPOS INFO DAY event is starting today 29 May 2018 in Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Several regional representatives from across the Eastern Adriatic Area will meet potential partners to share ideas and to establish cross-border contacts for future long-term cooperation.

Rgistration to attend the EPOS ICS hackathon in Utrecht, 19-21 June 2018 is open!

The goal of this meeting is carry on the work on ICS main activities (GUI, metadata, AAAI, Workflows, Use case etc) and facilitate knowledge transfer to hosting countries. 

11th EPOS Board of Governmental Representatives meeting in Bratislava, Slovakia, 21-22 May 2018

The BGR members are discussing key issues deemed essential to proceed with the STEP 2 Submission of the European Research Infrastructure Consortium establishment to the European Commission and become a ERIC.

EPOS-NL awarded funding in the National Roadmap for Large-Scale Scientific Infrastructure

The EPOS-NL, coordinated by Prof. Martyn Drury (Utrecht University), has been awarded funding in the Dutch National Roadmap for Large-Scale Scientific Infrastructure.

EPOS pilot at "AARC plugfest 2018"

The aim of the AARC pilot is to vastly extend this prototype to meet the full EPOS requirements concerning AAI and get a more mature production setup.

EPOS @ 16th European Conference on Earthquake Engineering (16ECEE), in Thessaloniki, Greece, 18-21, June, 2018

If you are traveling to Thessaloniki, please don’t miss the EPOS TCS seismology related talks on the European GMPE Database and Strong-Motion Data and Products Services.

EPOS @ the 6th ENVRI week in Zandvoort, Netherlands, 14-18 May 2018

The EPOS coordinator and some EPOS delegates will attend the ENVRI week dedicated to Environmental Research Infrastructures on May, 14-18, 2018 in hotel NH Zandvoort, Netherlands.