Updated ORFEUS governance

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Monday, July 30, 2018 - 12:15

The beginning of 2018 has witnessed major changes for ORFEUS (Observatories & Research Facilities for European Seismology) Foundation.

A new Secretary General, Carlo Cauzzi, was elected by the Board of Directors in January, thus ending the interim period characterized by the joint Secretariat carried out by Reinoud Sleeman, Angelo Strollo and Lucia Luzi. ORFEUS is deeply grateful to the interim Secretaries for their commitment to the Foundation during the recent difficult years after the untimely passing of Torild van Eck.

New Bylaws were approved in February 2018, thus requiring: (a) updating the governance of ORFEUS; (b) electing a new Executive Committee (ExeCom); (c) discharging the Working Groups and replacing them with Service Management Committees (SMCs).

The members of the new ExeCom are: Susana Custódio (President), Frederik Tilmann, Christos Evangelidis, Philippe Guéguen, Lucia Luzi, Helle Pedersen, Javier Quinteros, Thomas Meier, Reinoud Sleeman. ORFEUS wishes a fruitful collaboration to the new members and heartfully thanks the former ExeCom members Alberto Michelini (former President), John Clinton, Nicos Melis for their strong commitment to ORFEUS for many years.

Two SMCs are currently established within ORFEUS devoted to managing, operating and developing (with the support of one or more Infrastructure Development Groups, IDGs):

The EIDA SMC is Chaired by Helle Pedersen, while Lucia Luzi chairs the SM SMC. Javier Quinteros chairs the IDG. The process of establishing a SMC representing the needs of the computational seismology community within ORFEUS is presently ongoing. The possibility of forming also a SMC devoted to mobile pools in Europe is being considered. The products and services delivered by ORFEUS will be planned, assessed and improved through the technical and scientific feedback of a newly established User Advisory Group (UAG), comprised of active European Earth scientists with expertise encompassing a broad range of disciplines. The members of the UAG are: Thomas Meier (Chair), PIerre Boué, John Douglas, Florian Fuchs, František Gallovič, Lion Krischer, Olga-Joan Ktenidou, Stéphane Rondenay. ORFEUS wishes a successful and rewarding experience to the UAG members.

More information, including full lists of ORFEUS participants and officers, can be found on the ORFEUS website (undergoing significant updates to reflect the many recent changes within the Foundation); questions can be addressed to Carlo Cauzzi at