Twenty-three TNA projects selected for access to the TCS Multi-scale laboratories facilities

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Monday, February 12, 2018 - 13:15

The Thematic Core Service (TCS) Multi-scale laboratories (MSL) 2ndTNA pilot Call was a great success with 28 applications submitted for access to 13 solid Earth laboratory facilities across Europe.

The scientific proposals have been evaluated by four disciplinary TNA committees composed of laboratory experts, external and internal to the TCS MSL. The selection process was very competitive and the members of the TNA committees had the hard task to evaluate high quality and worthwhile proposals.

Twenty-three excellent TNA projects were selected and will benefit of direct physical access, remote services and virtual access to advanced European solid Earth Science laboratories.

The TNA projects will run from February to December 2018.

Access to the TCS MSL facilities during the 2ndTNA pilot call is supported by dedicated national funding and/or in-kind contributions from the participating TCS partners.

We wish the selected TNA users and user groups a successful collaboration with their host laboratory facilities.

TNA to EPOS Multi-scale laboratories creates new opportunities for synergy, collaboration and innovation.

More information at the EPOS The Thematic Core Service (TCS) Multi-scale laboratories (MSL) webpages.