EPOS TCS Multi-scale laboratories activities @EGU2019: Sunday April 7th to Friday April 12th, Vienna, Austria

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Thursday, January 31, 2019 - 12:30

Under the umbrella of the EGU General Assembly 2019 the Multi-scale laboratories WP16 will host a range of activities. On Sunday the 7th we will kick-off with a hands-on metadata / data publication workshop at the ARCOTEL in Vienna (definite venue, schedule, and call for registration will be send out shortly). This workshop is, upon registration, open for everyone interested in the Multi-scale laboratories.

On Tuesday we will host a splinter meeting (shortlisted as SMP14) in room 0.16 of the Vienna International Center from 12:45 to 13:45. There is room for 37 pax, so don’t miss out!

In addition, two contributions from the MSL community are submitted and accepted by the EGU2019:

  • Sharing experimental data and facilities in EPOS: Updates on services for the analogue modelling community in the TCS Multi-scale Laboratories by Matthias Rosenau et al., accepted in Session TS11.2/GD8.3/GM2.17.
  • EPOS Multi-scale laboratories Data Services & Trans-national access program by Otto Lange and the EPOS TCS Multi-scale laboratories Team (WP16), accepted in Session ESSI2.6.

See you at the EGU2019 in Vienna!