EPOS TCS GNSS Data and Products disseminated at EUREF 2018 Symposium

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Monday, July 30, 2018 - 12:30

On the latest May 30th until June 1st, 2018, EPOS TCS GNSS Data and Products participated to the EUREF 2018 Symposium, which was hosted in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Therefore, to disseminate this Thematic Core Service, five presentations were given: EPOS TCS GNSS Thematic Core Service @ European Plate Observing System, Multi-GNSS Capability of the EUREF Permanent Tracking Network, ROB's GNSS Contribution to EPOS, EPN Multi-year Position/Velocity Solution, and GNSS Metadata Management and Distribution System (M3G).

GNSS @ EPOS – Rui Fernandes, coordinator for EPOS TCS GNSS Data and Products, had been chosen as a representative to speak about EPOS at EUREF Symposium. To leverage EPOS awareness, he started by reminding the audience that “EPOS is a long-term project for the integration of research infrastructures for Solid Science in Europe. Therefore, one of the three priority projects of European Commission within ESFRI”.

According to Fernandes, EPOS integrates the existing (and future) advanced European facilities into a single, distributed, sustainable infrastructure taking full advantage of new e-science opportunities. At the opportunity he also presented the EPOS timeline and accomplishments until nowadays.

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