ENVRIplus 3rd and final call for proposals to access European multi-disciplinary environmental research platforms

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Monday, February 12, 2018 - 13:30

On 15 January ENVRIplus project issued the third call for Multi-domain Access to Environmental Research Infrastructures. This is the last call for the project.

One of the selected platforms is ETNA INGV, which is offered by EPOS.

Accordingly to the aims of the project, the peculiarity of the ENVRIplus call is that the proposals to access to the platforms must be cross-domain; for instance, during the past two calls, ETNA INGV platform supported projects  crossing the Earth and Atmospheric sciences domains.

However, experiments crossing also the bio-ecosphere, and hydro-marine are welcome.

EPOS is encouraging scientists to make proposals, considering the cross domain characteristics.

It might be an opportunity for the EPOS community, and the volcanological one in particular, to show its capability to design and carry out TNA as well as to make experience in such kind of activity.

The full Call description, eligibility and application process can be found on ENVRI community platform.

Proposal deadline: 4 March 2018

Access period: 1 May – 31 December 2018