DARE project Postdoc Position in Informatics, University of Edinburgh

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university of Edinburgh
Friday, December 15, 2017 - 17:30

The School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh, invites applications for a full-time fixed-term Research Associate on the “Delivering Agile Research Excellence” (DARE) project.

The Research Associate will join the University of Edinburgh team led by Professor Malcolm Atkinson, working closely with colleagues computational geoscientists in EPOS, as well as drawing on advances in databases, scientific workflows, provenance and the application of intelligent systems.

The post is full-time and fixed-term for 18 months (the contract may be longer if the successful candidate chooses to work part-time hours).

Closing Date:  02-Feb-2018

Job Details

Job title: Research Associate
School: School of Informatics
Line manager: Principal Investigator for the research programme

Job Purpose

The Research Associate will take a significant role in shaping and disseminating the high-level architecture that provides the necessary framework. The work will adopt agile methods of co-design and co-production to deliver a research environment that enables extreme scale computation, extreme scale data handling and rapid development of complex scientific workflows. These will build on existing powerful systems and have three key properties:

  • Convenient composition of mixtures of abstract and specific heterogeneous workflow fragments;
  • Fluent management of experimental development and selective incorporation of its results into production; and
  • Integrated tools that enable domain experts to directly manage their large and complex data-powered and computationally intensive campaigns.

Knowledge, skills and experience

• First degree and PhD in computing science (or equivalent).
• Practical skills in developing system prototypes.
• Reasoning skills addressing scale and complexity.
• Good communication skills for:

  • Collaboration across organisational, national and discipline boundaries
  • For technical specification and reporting; and
  • For reporting research.


  •  Experience of large scale systems.
  • Experience of working across discipline boundaries on applications.

More information about the Application Procedure here.