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Strain Meter Array (STAR) meeting @ INGV in Rome, 16-17 October 2017

The participants will revise the scientific outcomes based on TABOO's and will discuss a proposal for instrumenting a shallow boreholes array with strain meters along the upper Tiber valley.

EPOS validation workshop in Bucharest, 4-5 October 2017

The EPOS IP Validation workshop  goal is to launch the validation process to select the EPOS services (the Data, Data products, Services, Softwares, DDSS elements and Service Providers)

EPOS annual meeting and EPOS IP Council meeting in Bucharest

EPOS IP Annual Meeting in programme discussions on users strategy and communication with stakeholders. In the afternoon the EPOS IP council members will discuss issues focused on the Grant Agreement and progress.

2nd EPOS IP Annual Meeting in Bucharest, 3-4 October 2017

The 2nd EPOS IP Annual Meeting starts today, the 3rd of October 2017  in the afternoon at the Athenee Palace Hilton in Bucharest (Romania).

EPOS SCB teleconference, 14 September 2017

The Service Coordination Board (SCB) members met on teleconference the last 14th September 2017 discussing the progress on EPOS TCS and ICS implementation accounting for technical, governance, legal and financial achievements

EPOS presented at the TSUMAPS-NEAM Project Final Meeting

EPOS project coordinator Massimo Cocco has presented to the tsunami community the EPOS vision and goals, proposing a tentative planning to start a successful collaboration.

The OGS inaugurad the ECCSEL-NetLab in Latera (Italy), 15 September 2017

The OGS inaurated the ECCSEL-NetLab in Latera, one of the Italian components of the European initiative ECCSEL for the development of Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage (CCS) techniques


The TSUMAPS-NEAM Project Final Meeting is starting today 11th September 2017 in Tunis (Tunisia). The meeting main goal is to present the first homogeneous region-wide long-term Probabilistic earthquake-induced Tsunami Hazard Assessment (PTHA) for the coastlines of the NEAM region to all potential stakeholders.

On September 13 - 14, 2017 it will be organized the Information Meeting on NEAMTWS of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO. 

1st day of the EPOS IT hackathon @ INGV in Rome

The EPOS IT team and other IT researchers of the partners’ initiatives such as ENVRIplus and VRE4EIC project will collaborate and discuss specific topics. Today the meeting is reserved for VRE4EIC project IT team.

EPOS TCS "Volcano Observations" annual meeting @ INGV, Rome, 7-8 September 2017

The EPOS Thematic Core Service "Volcano Observations"  two-day meeting at INGV in Rome to discuss all the issues relevant to the TCS and the EPOS validation process.