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The EPOS Newsletter is a strategic dissemination tool toward the different communities involved in the EPOS integration plan in which we circulate information about news, events and research developments relevant to all the Solid Earth Science Communities.  

Every three months EPOS publishes a newsletter with news and the latest developments related to EPOS. Subscribing to it is the ideal way of staying informed.

To submit news item that is relevant to research infrastructures in Europe, please send a summary and a URL with more information to, silvia.filosa(at)


Editor in Chief

Silvia Filosa | INGV, Italy (PMO, WP2)

Scientific Committee

Grzegorz Lizurek | IGF PAS, Poland (WP2), Laura Baracchi | TRUST-IT Services, Italy (WP2); Nataša Ravbar | ZRC SAZU, Slovenia (WP2); Karen Tellefsen | UiB, Norway (WP6&7 communication contact person); Lilian Feres | UBI, Portugal (WP10 communication contact person); Consiglia Rasulo | IREA-CNR, Italy (WP12 communication contact person); Karolina Branicka | IGF PAS, Poland (WP14 communication contact person); Frederique Mojon Lumier | BRGM France (WP15 communication contact person); Elisa Calignano | UU, The Netherlands (WP16 communication contact person); Laura Platt | BGS, UK (WP2 & WP17 communication contact person) 


Barbara Angioni | INGV, Italy (PMO, WP2)

IT Support

Luca Postpischl | INGV, Italy (PMO)



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