EPOS IP WP6 & WP7 IT-Team hackathon in Prague

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EPOS IP WP6 & WP7 IT-Team hackathon in Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

The EPOS IP Working packages 6 and 7 will organize its IT Team meeting and workshop the 27th and the 28th February 2017 before the TCS - ICS Integration Workshop that will be held the week February the 27th - March the 2nd 2017 and the EPOS Service Coordination Board (SCB) meeting that will be held on March the 3rd, 2017. The IT team will attend as well the workshop and the WP6 and WP7 leaders the SCB meeting.

The main purposes of the meeting are:

  • to share the development codes, and work collaboratively in a face to face manner;
  • To share results on various aspects of the EPOS Implementation Core Services (ICS) architecture (AAI, GUI, ARCHITECTURE, WEB-API, METADATA) that must be ready within September 2017 (M24 of the project) through Reports by Groups leader;
  • To discuss interactions with other initiatives (EUDAT, EGI, ENVRIplus and VE4EIC) planning for the workflow aspects of the ICS and also the interfaces to ICS-D (Distributed ICS facilities such as supercomputers) and CES (Computational Earth Science);
  • To test and discuss the “EPOS Demonstrator”.

The outcomes of the IT meeting will be shown during the above mentioned events: TCS-ICS workshop and the SCB meeting.

Please download here the agenda of the meeting.

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