EPOS IP project first anniversary: towards the validation phase

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Sabrina Bozzoli and PMO

INGV, Italy

The EPOS Newsletter issue 02
October 2016 | Highlights 02

EPOS IP project celebrated its first year of activities in Madrid on October 5th - 6th 2016 with a meeting of its Implementation Phase Council (IPC). The two days meeting gathered around 90 participants from the 46 partners’ institutions, an excellent opportunity to discuss project progress and future challenges.

EPOS IP project is now shifting from the TCS-ICS integration to their technical development, moving towards the validation phase which will start at M24 and last one year.

With 454 DDSS elements identified insofar – including 95 ready to be implemented - Thematic Core Services showed a wide heterogeneity, both in terms of quantity and maturity level of selected DDSS. Same considerations can be applied to the DDSS distribution per beneficiary or per Country.

Given this scenario, the definition of a robust legal and financial governance and a reliable financial model is playing a crucial role in guiding TCS towards common standards and thus enabling their validation. Guidance on consortium agreement drafting and data policy key principles, as well as TCS costs assessment are underway and will be harmonized with national strategic priorities and interests.

In view of preparing the validation phase, and in an effort to establish effective and shared TCS-ICS validation methodology and criteria, 7 validation criteria - including technical, legal and governance, and financial topics - have been already discussed,

In agreement with the IPC, the Service Coordination Board (SCB) will refine criteria and work on objective ones, allowing to apply a shared metrics.