EPOS Demonstrator

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A new EPOS demonstrator has been developed. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) was newly designed and is being validated against use cases collected in the beginning of the EPOS-IP (during the Requirement and Use Cases Collection; Jan-March 2016), where each TCS group provided several user stories. The user stories were analysed, and the new GUI reflects the basic general features requested by the TCSs. The GUI is a draft version that is not fully working, but it is properly connected and integrated to the [ICS Architecture scheme].

Currently, the user can use four different modes:

  • Discovery (searching for data, persons, services, etc.).
  • Workspace (saving items for later use, e.g. during the Discovery).
  • Visualise (plot and analyse data).
  • Process (combine items from Workspace into a workflow for customized processing/analysis).


The GUI is currently hosted at: